WD-300 vehicle sensorAnother independent study where Sensebits sensors are included has been published. This time it’s The Swedish Transport Administration that has conducted a study in which several types of equipment used within the organization is compared in terms of data quality. The systems included in the test are the RS242 Radar from Sensys Gatso Group, several types of inductive loops of the brand Metor from Allog, pneumatic tubes of the brand Metor from Trafikanalys Sweden AB as well the WD-300 from Sensebit.

Focus in the study is on count and classification accuracy. The WD-300 shows accurate count and classification, and the conclusion of the report is that the WD-300 is very close to the ground truth.

Download the full report here: Verifiering av trafikmätningar Amsberg v3 PM 180629

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