VISION | Video-based traffic analysis with best-in-class AI

Tracking, classification and reidentification based on 20 years of AI research. GDPR safe.
Flex wireless vehicle sensor

Detect, classify and track

The new VISION video system from Sensebit is a complete traffic monitoring and measurement solution based on AI-powered video. The video is analyzed in real-time without ever leaving the local system to ensure privacy and GDPR compliance. The AI-powered software is based on 20 years of research and allows both flow measurements, tracking and re-identification.

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GDPR safe

Processing is done within the local system which ensures privacy and GDPR compliance.

Cloud access

Anonymized data streamed to the cloud for statistical analysis and cloud integrations.


A robust API enable easy integrations to custom on-site systems and equipment.


Modular design for a quick installation and customization to specific local requirements.

Complex traffic  Actionable data

It all starts with accuracy

The algorithms in VISION are based on 20 years of research and development within video object detection and tracking. The accuracy enables a multitude of applications including counting with accurate classification of mixed traffic, tracking, ANPR and ADR detection.


Count and classify

With best-in-class detection and object tracking, VISION provides accurate counting and classification in a wide variety of situations ranging from complicated mixed traffic intersections to 8-lane highway traffic.


Building on the high accuracy object detection and tracking, VISION can provide insights into how vehicles and people are moving in an area. Create flowcharts and heatmaps to better understand how roads and crossings are being used.


With object detection and OCR algorithms developed over 20 years and deployed in more than 40 countries, VISION can accurately identify, read, and classify license plates and dangerous goods signs for both real-time applications and statistical surveys.

Camera specification
Resolution 4K
FPS 60
Operating temperature -35°C to 70°C
Network specifications
Bands GSM:850,900,1800,
1900 MHz
2100,1800,1900,2100 MHz
2100,2600 MHz
(ISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000)
Installation specifications
Mounting Pole
Installation time 30 min

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