FLEX Real-time| Real-time data without the hassle

A power-over-ethernet vehicle sensor for real-time data
ED-100 realtime vehicle sensor

No more loops

The FLEX Real-time from Sensebit is a power-over-ethernet vehicle sensor that can be installed quickly and uploads accurate data in real-time. The sensor is installed in the center of the lane to be measured and is managed remotely. With a quick and robust installation, remote management and high accuracy data, the FLEX Real-time is an ideal product for replacing inductive loops and other traditional solutions for continuous data collection and ITS applications.

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Real-time data

Designed to deliver data in realtime, the FLEX Real-time is an ideal loop replacement for continuous measurements or ITS-applications.


All our vehicle sensors deliver the same high accuracy data verified in independent tests by research organizations and traffic authorities.


Built to withstand Nordic winters, Australian summers and high traffic loads, the FLEX Real-time provides a much more robust alternative to loops.


Built on open protocols, the FLEX Real-time sensor can be used with most existing software, including full support in Trafficweb for a complete solution.

What data do I get?

Vehicle-by-vehicle data that can be used for statistics, detailed studies or ITS applications.



Synchronized time with millisecond resolution.



-200 to 200km/h with 0.1km/h resolution.



Up to 5 classes, choose your scheme.



Bumper to bumper with 0.1m resolution.



  • Classification error (five class scheme) 5% 5%
  • Average velocity error 1% 1%
  • Average length error 1% 1%

* Test by the Nordic traffic authorities research cooperation NordFOU. Download report summary


We continuously participate in third party tests organized by road administrations and research organization throughout the world to assert the performance of our vehicle sensors. All accuracy claims are based on independent and published reports.

The data is not ok, it's fantastic

- John Byrnes, CEO Road Information Technologies

In the long run

Avoid unexpected costs and downtime due to loops that break or proprietary communication.

Life cycle cost

The FLEX Real-time is substantially more robust than inductive loops, which means less maintenance and lower life cycle costs.


The FLEX Real-time uses standardized communication protocols which makes it easy to integrate and future proof.

Physical specifications
Height 90 mm
Diameter 155 mm
Operating temperature -35°C to 70°C
Ingress protection IP68
Network specifications
Connection PoE IEEE 802.3af
IP-assignment DHCP
Installation specifications
Drill diameter >170 mm
Drill depth 150 mm
Installation time ~30 min
Max cable length 100 m

Try the FLEX Real-time today!

Enough reading, request a demo of the FLEX Real-time and see for yourself

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