Trafficweb | Web based analytics

A web based tool for traffic data collection and analysis
Web based tool for traffic data collection and analysis

Modern traffic analytics

Get more out of your traffic data with the web based analytics tool Trafficweb from Sensebit. With a clear overview of your collection points and interactive reports, you can better understand your traffic and it’s development. Trafficweb has a modern user friendly interface that works both on your laptop and tablet. Invite your colleagues to view results or create elegant reports for that next meeting with just a few clicks.

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Web based

With a web based analytics tool you can access your data and initiate measurements on any computer or mobile device.


With interactive charts you can get the information you need instantly. No need to ask anyone for that report.


Access data, reports and initiate measurements from wherever you want with you smartphone or tablet.

User friendly

Trafficweb is built to be user friendly so that you can focus on understanding you traffic rather than the interface.

What can it do for me?

Enable you to understand your traffic and sharing your insights



Keep track of your collection points



Create traffic reports with a few clicks



Invite colleagues and share insights



Collect data with compatible equipment

Trafficweb helps our customers to understand their traffic

- Mats Hagström, CEO Trafikia

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