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Rural roads

With our standalone vehicle sensors you can measure any road without worrying about available power or communication.

Urban traffic

Our video based systems are ideal for smart city applications, including stop-and-go traffic and large intersections.

Site visitors

With quick installations, realtime data and web based analytics, you can keep track of visitors without any hassle.

ITS systems

With a platform built on open standards and a user friendly API, our products integrate nicely in ITS applications

Featured applications

City centre traffic in Lund

Lund is a city in southern Sweden with approximately 90 000 inhabitants. The city is known for it’s large university, Lund University, established in 1666. To monitor the traffic development in the city centre, Lund has used pneumatic tube measurements on all arterial road for decades. To get more frequent and accurate information about the traffic development, they decided to switch to the FLEX wireless vehicle sensor from Sensebit. By combining sensors at every arterial road with the web based analytics tool Trafficweb, they can now monitor the development in traffic flows with better accuracy, at a lower cost and without any traffic disturbance during measurements.

Products used: FLEX, Trafficweb

Lund City

Nacka municipality

Municipality traffic statistics in Nacka

Nacka municipality is located in Stockholm county and has approximately 100 000 inhabitants, a number that keeps increasing. Due to the increase, keeping accurate track of traffic is essential to have time to make necessary changes to the infrastructure before the traffic flow decreases due to overloads. Nacka has selected a combination of continuous and periodic measurement points to get the statistically verified average traffic volume for the whole municipality. They have chosen the FLEX Real-time from Sensebit combined with the web based analytics tool Trafficweb to get accurate measurements 24/7 from key roads and intersections as well as an overview of the traffic volume in the whole municipality.

Products used: FLEX Real-time, Trafficweb

District roads in Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven is a town and seat of the Cuxhaven district, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the shore of the North Sea at the mouth of the Elbe River. During 2021, Cuxhaven installed FLEX vehicle sensors at district roads that represent the main access roads to the beach areas in Döse and Duhnen. The sensors are used to continuously record the sometimes heavily fluctuating traffic volume on the approach and exit roads. The data is used for traffic planning and speed monitoring.

Products used: FLEX, Trafficweb

Cuxhaven, Germany

ÅVC Älands avfallsanläggning

ÅVC Kretsloppsparken Härnösand

Visitor statistics for recycling stations

Hemab is a municipality owned company running, among other things, recycling stations in the northern part of Sweden. Keeping track of visitor traffic at the recycling stations and is a crucial part of the operation to efficiently plan resources and personell. To know when traffic peaks, when traffic consists of mostly non-commercial visitors and when most heavy vehicles visit helps a lot in planning. Hemab has chosen to install the FLEX Real-time vehicle sensor at their recycling stations and to combine it with the web based analytics tool Trafficweb from Sensebit. The new system allows them to keep track of the number of visitors in real-time and to see trends and changes in their visitor volume in realtime.

Products used: FLEX Real-time, Trafficweb

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