The new VISION video system from Sensebit is a complete traffic monitoring and measurement solution based on AI-powered video. The video is analyzed in real-time without ever leaving the local system to ensure privacy and GDPR compliance. The AI-powered software is based on 20 years of R&D and allows for both flow measurements, accurate classification and tracking.

Modern city traffic

Monitoring and understanding traffic in the modern urban environment is becoming increasingly demanding. As flows increase and pedestrians and bicyclists mix with motorized traffic, many sensor systems have a hard time keeping up. Video has been used in such environments for many years, but has struggled with accuracy and privacy concerns. With the latest camera technology and developments in AI research, these issues can finally be tackled in a cost efficient manner.

Detect, classify and track

By utilizing our 20 years of R&D into video object detection and tracking, VISION is loaded with a powerful on-board AI that can handle real-time image processing even in the most demanding situations. It can easily be integrated into a local ITS system or used as component in your cities connected smart infrastructure, making it the ideal component of a modern smart city.

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Learn more about VISION here.

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